Support Gold Wind Symphony

We need your support!  There is no cost to our members to participate in the Gold Wind Symphony.  Ticket sales alone can’t support the cost of concerts, sheet music, and other operating expenses. We rely on the generosity of our donors and patrons to continue our important work. 

Won’t you please help? 

Our donation categories are as follows:

Friend: $1 to $99

Donor: $100 up to $249

Patron: $250 up to $499

Benefactor: $500 up to $999

Concert Sponsor: $1,000 up to $9,999

Season Sponsor: $10,000 and up

We would love for you to help support the ensemble. Any amount you can donate is appreciated and will go directly toward benefitting the organization. The names of Friends, Donors, Patrons, Benefactors, and Sponsors will appear on programs with our heartfelt thanks.  (You can opt to remain anonymous as well.)

There are two ways to donate:

The first is to click the “DONATE” button below.

The second is to make checks payable to GYAO and mail them to:

PO Box 1715
Lemon Grove, CA. 91946

Tax Deductible receipts will be provided.

Gold Youth Arts Organization, is an California non-profit corporation, qualified as tax-exempt IRC 501(c)3. Donations are tax-deductible, subject to the Internal Revenue Code.